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Wild Healers

Dr. Megan Galaske, MD, Sara Rosser, CPM

The wall has been built between Western medicine and alternative healing, and it's time to demolish it. Wild Healers is an innovative, inclusive podcast bridging the divide between science-based Western medical expertise and more ancient, intuitive healing for the modern era. Visionary hosts Dr. Megan Galaske, MD and Sara Rosser, CPM bring an expansive, transformative, and powerful message of hope for a healthcare system that is split at its core. They teach us that when the polarizing world of medicine is approached by sage, educated women, healing can begin...and they hope to provide a good laugh along the way. Dr. Megan Galaske, MD, is a physician trained in contemporary Western medicine with a passion for alternative healing and whole patient care. Sara Rosser, CPM is a home-birth midwife practicing with revered experts in the field at The Farm Midwifery Center in Summertown, TN.