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Deadfall: A Zombie Novel

Heys Wolfenden

This podcast features a chapter-by-chapter reading of my YA zombie novel 'Deadfall'.Civilisation has collapsed. Every single person on Earth has become infected with a virus. Those who remain immune are prey. In the tattered remnants of Northern England, an alcoholic ex-football hooligan – seventeen-year-old Jake Connor – struggles for survival amidst the chaos. After stealing a Land Rover from an abandoned petrol station, Jake discovers a boy and girl hiding on the backseat. Together, Jake, Kate and Rich navigate the urban wasteland in the face of overwhelming odds.They are looking for a refuge, a place they can call home, but the infected are everywhere and the infected are hungry. But not everything is as it seems - first the temperature drops, casting Northern England into a nuclear winter, then there are strange lights in the sky. Strange animals not seen in millennia stalk the land. All they want is to escape – but Jake has a dark and terrible secret – one that follows him everywhere and jeopardises their safety. He drinks to forget, but some things cannot be forgotten.Their survival depends on it.

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