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HPLCP Fragments - Ep 05 - Interview with Nick Mamatas

December 06, 2020 Episode 5
H. P. Lovecast Podcast
HPLCP Fragments - Ep 05 - Interview with Nick Mamatas
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In this episode of HP Lovecast Presents: Fragments, Michele Brittany and Nicholas Diak interview  Nick Mamatas about three of his recent publications: Wonder & Glory Forever, Sabbath, and The People's Republic of Everything.

Episode Edited by: Michele Brittany
Intro and Outro music: "The Train" by Trevor Sewell from his album Independence. Used with permission. This album can be purchased at Sewell's website: https://www.trevorsewell.com/audio/1328-2

Nick Mamatas' books can be ordered via Books Inc. and can be autographed by him if you use the comments functionality during check out.

Wonder & Glory Forever: https://www.booksinc.net/book/9780486845302
Sabbath: https://www.booksinc.net/book/9781250170125
The People's Republic of Everything: https://www.booksinc.net/book/9781616963002

Or purchase from your bookseller of preference.

Nick Mamatas' Social Media

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NMamatas
Website: http://www.nick-mamatas.com/

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