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Healing is the Revolution

Institute of Women & Ethnic Studies

The Healing is the Revolution Podcast is a soulful, intimate, and honest one-on-one conversation with noted psychiatrist and trauma expert Dr. Denese Shervington and a guest. Individuals share intimate - and at times tragic - stories of creating successful lives beyond their traumatic beginnings and for some, untreated experiences. Behind the pained words, learned wisdom, and laughter, are courageous examples shared with Dr. Shervington that display the effectiveness of breaking generational cycles of dysfunction. The series features a range of guests: each episode a personal story revealing joys, pains, and a path to healing. The living improves but the work is never done. Dr. Shervington pulls from her training and study in both eastern and western healing modalities to guide these explorations of past, present, and future. In her own words, she describes the Healing is the Revolution Podcast as a place where “everyday people like us bare our souls as we try to learn from each other the naked truth of living.”

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