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Healthcare Goes Digital

Natalie Yeadon

We are covering topics on tissue 3D bioprinting, clinical trials in silica, quantum computing in product development, blockchain powered patient management portals, nanotechnologies, and digital therapeutics. We are also covering topics on leadership in the new pharma paradigm post COVID-19 and what it will mean to function in the new virtual world we find ourselves in. We will be asking how pharma business models will need to change and what new partnerships will need to develop as a result of this pandemic. At Impetus Digital, we believe all new, great ideas start with a conversation. And we want to initiate and house these conversations within our online collaboration platform. And then have people iterate longitudinally. Building on each other's ideas over time. One step at a time. This is how we believe positive disruption will occur.At Impetus Digital, we are leaders in delivering virtual collaboration experiences for life sciences companies. We offer the most comprehensive virtual meeting and event tools and services on the market.The Impetus InSite Platform® is a turn-key software solution that enables a “long-game” approach in connecting brands with key stakeholders, both synchronously and asynchronously. Its customizable, multilingual interface and its robust, pharma-compliant security make it the ideal choice for authentic engagement.Founded in 2008, we have over a decade of experience in virtualizing meetings and events. We offer a full range of strategic, medical writing, and digital services to help make the transition from in-person to virtual events seamless.Visit our website to learn more!

Recent Episodes

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