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RHYMES - tunes for today's tots!

London Rhymes

'Rhymes, tunes for today's tots' is an audio podcast series for parents and children aged 5 and under, bursting full of beautiful songs, some original and some old favourites, and featuring guest musicians each week! 🎺🎻🥁🎵🎻⭐️Much of the music featured in these episodes comes from our 'London Rhymes' projects which we've been running since 2015 around London. We work with groups of families over a number of weeks or months, singing, getting to know each other, and writing new songs for families all over to sing. ⭐️ This podcast is designed to be listened to together - so find a comfy spot where you can move and see each other, grab a shaker or a scarf to wave, and let's go! Lyrics for the songs in these podcasts can be found and downloaded on our website www.londonrhymes.com/lyrics ⭐️Cringe free content, with real musicians - please join us! 🤩⭐️ www.londonrhymes.com⭐️