Dirty Bathwater "dating after 50"  number ONE dating podcast in boomer humor Podcast Artwork Image

Dirty Bathwater "dating after 50" number ONE dating podcast in boomer humor

Gideon Jaden, Jean-Lux Basquiat

Hi Giddy and Lux here to share with you, our lessons in the dating world! We created a dark comedy podcast “Dirty Bathwater” on dating because nothing is more insane than try to meet someone during a pandemic. If our advice doesn’t work for you, we hope that we can at least make you laugh. Remember to enjoy the adventure, and do try to never hurt anyone along the way. Let’s try to have fun as we tackle topics like kissing during a plague, how does unemployment impact who pays for the meal, is it okay to call her baby when she is pushing 70, which dating and phone app is best to use, do I ask her for the name of her cosmetic surgeon, do I bring a mask and a condom to the first date, how will I get through this all, is it really worth it, and what should I put in my profile that will attract “the one”, is there a one? — or/and what the hell do all those acronyms mean anyway! LMAO (as well as many more questions).In a Covid world, we are here to help you maneuver through the dating minefield, especially, as you cross over into the second half of your life!

Recent Episodes

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