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Jill Wright

Welcome to Easy Money, the podcast for coaches who want to make money EASY! Jill is a powerful Money Coach with a corporate background in accounting, finance and analysis. In their early 50's, Jill and her husband both said "So long, Suckers!" to their corporate jobs. Smart money management made it possible to step into their dream life without worry about having enough money. Jill's clients love her CALM, no-drama approach. And that's the approach she brings to the Easy Money podcast. Jill's approach to problem-solving is so SIMPLE and you can apply it to ANYTHING! From money to arguments with your family to the intense drama in your business. There is NO problem she can't solve. She skips right past the drama to the REAL solution so you can get right to work implementing it. You know that "perspective-is everything" -- Jill always brings a fresh perspective that helps you find your simple path to success! If you're ready to stop fighting the hard of building a business and finally make MONEY Easy, listen to Jill's wisdom and implement her SIMPLE Strategies for Easy Money!