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Seasons of Change

Tom Kitching

The stories, music, and sounds of 18 months busking around England.Tom spent 18 months busking around England, getting to know his own country better. Busking was a means to an end, how he was to pay his way, but it soon turned into something more. The busker has a privileged view of the land, anonymous and unthreatening. People opened up, acts of kindness sustained him. He discovered an England more varied, rich, heartbreaking, and hopeful than he could have known. An England so broad it defied easy categorisation. This led to a book and an album, both titled 'Seasons of Change'. The podcast features readings from the book, recorded at the Guide Bridge Theatre, in late 2019, and music from the accompanying album, (There is also some music from an earlier solo album, ‘Interloper') as well as a few field recordings of the sounds he encountered.The realisation of the project was supported by a grant from the Arts Council, and the album was part funded by a bursary from the EFDSS.Buy the book and album here;