Seasons of Change

Anarchy in its truest form

April 24, 2020 Tom Kitching Season 1 Episode 1
Seasons of Change
Anarchy in its truest form
Show Notes

The journey through England begins, starting in a wet and weary Berwick-Upon-Tweed, a town whose nationality is still uncertain and unimportant.

In Darlington, Tom encounters a busker whose performance cannot be explained purely by earthly powers, and in Erpingham, (Norfolk) he finds a society whose unwritten and unspoken constitution can only be described as anarchy in its truest form.

You will hear a Pacer train arriving and departing Redcar central station, the iconic sound of the now condemned British Leyland bus on rails drawing away with the evening commuter train to Saltburn.

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Tom Kitching - Storyteller and fiddle/mandolin. Author and recorder of the field recordings.
Marit Fält - Mandola, Cittern.
Jude Rees - English Border Bagpipes
Freya Rae - Flute
Jim Molyneux - Percussion
Michelle Holding - Announcer
Jon Loomes - Producer and engineer
Peter Crowther - Live engineer