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Career Quicksilver by Claire Harbour

Claire Harbour

Welcome to Career Quicksilver by Claire Harbour. Discover how a career made up of a bunch of apparently messy pieces can be transformed into a compelling story...Each episode explores the history of one particular person, digging into some deep questions, with a bit of coaching, a little chat and a sprinkling of magic... And as a conclusion, the parts are assembled into a story that you can tell. A story you can relate to clients, or use to impress a recruiter, or even just feel proud of. It is often staggering to hear the transformation that comes from an outsider who listens with curiosity and kindness.This is what Claire does for Career Quicksilver! If you want to be included in a future episode, then please write in to [email protected] and tell me about yourself. You never know when your turn could come!

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