Courage Unravelled

S2Ep 7. Adoption, Identity & Resilience

August 30, 2020 Sana Turnock Season 2 Episode 7
Courage Unravelled
S2Ep 7. Adoption, Identity & Resilience
Show Notes

Lisa Smith always knew she was different from the time she was able to talk. Lisa is of Jamaican mixed heritage and was adopted as a baby to white parents. Throughout most of her schooling life, she was the only brown-skinned child in the playground. 

Lisa always knew she was adopted but it wasn’t until years later she found out the truth about her circumstances. 

Growing up provided Lisa with dollops of strength and resilience. Find out how she has used these by-products of courage to create a relationship with her biological father, raise a child as a single parent, set up in a new country and build an entrepreneurial way of life for herself. 

Approx: 36min

WARNING: This episode may contain mental health triggers. If this happens to you please stop listening or discuss with your GP or a mental health professional

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