Courage Unravelled

S2Ep8. Life without Children

September 06, 2020 Sana Turnock Season 2 Episode 8
Courage Unravelled
S2Ep8. Life without Children
Show Notes

I first met Chloe Baigent when I was offering meditation classes. That was a few years ago. I remember her being quiet and thoughtful. She was working in horticulture at the time. 

Fast forward a few years later and Chloe now works in youth affairs. She got there after a stellar academic performance which garnered her five awards at local, regional, state and national level. 

She also did something she never thought she’d do. Become an artist. 

How did she get to this point? It was a life changing moment when Chloe and her husband Kurt found out they couldn’t have children. Rather than go down the path of IVF she chose to pivot and go down a very different path. 

Today we learn of Chloe’s courage to make change happen when a ‘taken for granted’ life choice is taken away. 

Approx: 20 min

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Interview: Sana Turnock
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