Courage Unravelled

S2.Ep9. Living Life Despite Sequential Memory Loss

September 13, 2020 Sana Turnock Season 2 Episode 9
Courage Unravelled
S2.Ep9. Living Life Despite Sequential Memory Loss
Show Notes

Sequential memory is something that most of us have and take for granted when we rattle off days of the week in order, learn sequences for everyday tasks or to improve at a task or skill set. You even learn sequentially to study for exams. But what happens when you have sequential memory loss? 

Aromatic medicine specialist Deby Atterby has had sequential memory loss her whole life.  

When you hear Deby’s story you will be amazed to know she is a trainer, lecturer, publisher, writer and presenter in the field of aromatic medicine and clinical aromatherapy.  Her passion, determination and grit to keep going in the aromatherapy industry is astounding. 

I speak with Deby and find out how she has managed to achieve all that she has done despite being thrown a curve ball from very early in life.

Approx: 20 min 

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Interview: Sana Turnock
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