Courage Unravelled

S3Ep.18. Choose Your Wizards Wisely

December 06, 2020 Sana Turnock with Rebecca Hannan Season 3 Episode 18
Courage Unravelled
S3Ep.18. Choose Your Wizards Wisely
Show Notes

Rebecca Hannan spent many years in real estate but found it wasn’t her calling. In this episode Rebecca shares what it is like to overcome her fear and  become a professional speaker in her area of passion - wellness. Learn about her journey as a public speaker, how she was discouraged to pursue public speaking in the wellness industry and why it’s important to choose your wizards wisely!

Approx 32 min

We talk about: 

·         Finding passion in your working life

·         Health and wellness

·         Learning from coaching gurus

·         What Rebecca has learned from public speaking

·         Finding your own path even when being taught by leaders in industry

·         Rebecca’s definition of courage


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Interview: Sana Turnock

Produced and edited by: Sana Turnock and Jamie Woods (Woods Media Lab)

Auto mastering: Woods Media Lab

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Intro: Follow the Shadows, by the 126ers

Outro: Luxury by Causmic


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