Courage Unravelled

S3.Ep 16. Big Lips without the Botox

November 22, 2020 Sana Turnock with Erika Jacobson Season 3 Episode 4
Courage Unravelled
S3.Ep 16. Big Lips without the Botox
Show Notes

What do you get when you cross an academic with Chief Executive Adventurer? You get Dr Erika Jacobson from Edgewalkers. Erika walks miles and miles with fellow hiking and walking enthusiasts across beautiful landscapes within Western Australia and beyond. But we don’t just traverse landscapes in this interview. We cover the terrain of autoimmune conditions and specifically Orofacial Granulomatosis.  Discover how Erika had to navigate teaching and presenting with this lip disfigurement for many years until it miraculously disappeared. 

Approx: 29 min

We talk about: 

·         The issue of big lips without botox – Orofacial Granulomatosis

·         What it’s like living with an auto-immune condition

·         How Erika navigated her way teaching, lecturing and being in the public domain while  
            managing her lip disfigurement

·         Mindset and vanity

·         Business resilience and COVID-19

·         The hallway of fear

·         Erika’s definition of courage


Contact Dr Erika Jacobson

LinkedIn: Erika Jacobson

Insta: Edgewalkers_

Facebook: Edgewalkers


Interview: Sana Turnock

Produced and edited by: Sana Turnock and Jamie Woods (Woods Media Lab)

Auto mastering: Woods Media Lab

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Intro  Apolllo - Patrick Patrikios

Outro  Liquid Time - Aakash Gandhi

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