Courage Unravelled

S3.Ep.17 Charged With Crimes They Did Not Commit

November 29, 2020 Sana Turnock with B Paigels-Minor Season 3 Episode 17
Courage Unravelled
S3.Ep.17 Charged With Crimes They Did Not Commit
Show Notes

 B Pagels-Minor who was born in Mississippi and now lives in the Silicon Valley in California. B is a product developer for Netflix and is described as a diamond speaker. 

Bs background is in product development and creating strong cultural work environments within tech companies. 

Today B and I catch up, not to talk about B’s work or passions but something deeply personal. B was charged with multiple crimes they did not commit and had to go to trial to fight for their freedom. Did they go to jail? Listen to this powerful story and find out for yourself. 

We talk about: 

·         How B was charged with attempted murder and arson as a 16 year old

·         About the trial

·         Discrimination

·         What if freedom is taken away from you

·         What it means to have community support and to vouch for your character

·         The importance of giving back to community

·         The effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) 

·         Meeting the amazing author, activist, actress, poet and confidente Maya Angelou 

·         What does courage mean to B. 

 Approx 32 min

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Interview: Sana Turnock

Produced and edited by: Sana Turnock and Jamie Woods (Woods Media Lab)

Auto mastering: Woods Media Lab

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Intro: MydNyte – Noir Et Blanc vie

Outro: The Eternal Garden– Dan Henig


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