Courage Unravelled

S3.Ep13. Walking in Two Worlds

November 01, 2020 Sana Turnock with Jahna Cedar Season 3 Episode 13
Courage Unravelled
S3.Ep13. Walking in Two Worlds
Show Notes

Jahna Cedar is a Nyiyaparli/Yindjibarndi woman from the Pilbara region of Western Australia. She is an accomplished leader who is at the forefront of advocating for equality and social justice for indigenous affairs. 

We talk about:

·         What it feels like walking in two cultural worlds

·         The constant pressure to prove herself

·         Why courage and resilience are so important

·         What motivated her to break the gender and cultural ceilings

·         How breaking the glass ceilings have come at a cost to her mental health

·         What authentic leadership and selflessness look like

·         Why she decided to share her story of vulnerability 

·         Jahna’s definition of courage 

Approx: 27min

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Interview: Sana Turnock

Produced and edited by: Sana Turnock and Jamie Woods (Woods Media Lab)

Auto mastering: Woods Media Lab

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Intro – Nimbus Evening Land

Outro – Hero’s Ascent

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Approx: 27min

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