Courage Unravelled

S3.Ep 14 Serendipity and the Serial Entrepreneur

November 08, 2020 Sana Turnock with Morry Morgan Season 3 Episode 14
Courage Unravelled
S3.Ep 14 Serendipity and the Serial Entrepreneur
Show Notes

Morry Morgan is a man of ideas. So many in fact that he keeps on creating new businesses. His latest venture is co-founder of The School of Hard Knock Knocks in Melbourne Australia. What is it? A comedy school set up prior to COVID-19 that isn’t just good for comedian wannabes but also for bucket list tickers and people with mental health challenges.

We talk comedy in this interview and have a laugh along the way. But there is SO much we discuss. Learn about how GFC almost decimated his then business and how he came through. Understand the driving force behind Morrie being a serial entrepreneur and how this event has influenced how he also lives his life. We cover COVID-19, living in Beijing, the thought of going back to Melbourne and straight into lockdown. Brittney Spears breaking through mental glass ceilings gets a mention too! And wait, there’s more!

This is a rich interview. Get settled and join me as I speak with Morry Morgan. 
Approx 42min

We talk about:  

·         What does being a serial entreprenuer look like

·         The death of Morry‘s friend Dylan and how that event has influenced his life 

·         How the Global Financial Crisis almost decimated Morry‘s buiness

·         How Morrie moves through adversity

·         Michael Hewitt Gleason and the Six Thinking Hats

·         Morry‘s changing strategy- Current View of the Situation (CVS) to a Better View
          of the Situation (BVS)

·         Living in China during COVID19

·         The comedy School of Hard Knock Knocks and how it plays an important role for in 
            mental health and resilience

·         Enticing comedians to work for you

·         Brittney Spears breaking through multiple metnal glass ceilings

·         Morry’s definition of courage

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 Interview: Sana Turnock

Produced and edited by: Sana Turnock and Jamie Woods (Woods Media Lab)

Auto mastering: Woods Media Lab

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Intro  -Don’t ya Bite Now – Dan Lebowitz

Outro - The Eternal garden – Dan Henig

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