Courage Unravelled

S4. Ep 19 North Star Shining Bright

March 07, 2021 Sana Turnock interviews Carly Israel Season 4 Episode 19
Courage Unravelled
S4. Ep 19 North Star Shining Bright
Show Notes

Carly  Israel loves her tattoos. The tattoos Carly has on her body represent things or phrases that are meaningful to her. One of these phrases is The North Star. This metaphor is what keeps Carly together when things get tough. You see, the North Star represents her sons. She will do anything for her boys. This is clear when you read her beautifully written and at times raw and heart wrenching memoir Seconds and Inches
Find out about Carly’s drug and alcohol addiction and how she was only seconds and inches away from succeeding in a suicide attempt. You will be astonished at how she rises from the flames, gets married, has three sons, gets divorced and then re marries.  Carly finds herself traveling through hallways of loneliness and fear as she navigates walking through fire a second and third time.
Carly’s experiences have set her in great stead for her work as a divorce coach, podcaster, writer and author.

Duration: 42.14 min

We talk about: 

§  Seconds and Inches, Carly’s debut novel
§  Divorce
§  Raising children through and beyond divorce
§  Sick children
§  Rare disease
§  Drug and alcohol addiction
§  Suicide attempts
§  Being a divorce coach
§  Marriage
§  Gratitude
§  Courage

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Interview: Sana Turnock
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