Courage Unravelled

S4. Ep 20. The Power of a Flexible Mindset

March 14, 2021 Sana Turnock with Amanda Campbell Season 4 Episode 20
Courage Unravelled
S4. Ep 20. The Power of a Flexible Mindset
Show Notes

Meet wellness presenter and Sports kinesiologist Amanda Campbell from Melbourne Australia.
Amanda was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) at 24 and by 29 was faced with the reality of never being able to walk again. Discover out how Amanda proved the medical profession wrong by finding  ways to heal herself that revolve around rest, repair, nutrition and a flexible mindset.
She has written the pending book Bend Like Bamboo which is being released in 2021.

Duration: 33 min

We talk about: 

§  Amanda’s MS diagnosis and journey
§  The power of flexibility and rest to help repair
§  Nutrition
§  Courage
§  Intergenerational trauma
§  What gifts has MS brought into Amanda’s life
§  Why actor and adoption advocate Deborah Lee Furness is an inspiration
§  Amanda’s book Bend Like Bamboo

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: Bend Like Bamboo
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