Courage Unravelled

S4 Ep 21 Rebellious Rural Writer

March 21, 2021 Sana Turnock with Fleur McDonald Season 4 Episode 21
Courage Unravelled
S4 Ep 21 Rebellious Rural Writer
Show Notes

Fleur McDonald is one of Australia’s leading authors in rural literature and storytelling. Fleur is a prolific writer and to date has published 16 novels, while still living on a working farm. 

We talk about courageous characters in her novels and find out whether there is a hint of Fleur in any of the rural heroines we read about. We don’t just talk books though. We dive into Fleur cutting her teeth working the land, firstly as a jillaroo, then what it’s like to live in a remote environment and raise a family with children who needed a lot of early health interventions.  We also have an important chat about domestic violence and how it relates to rural living.

Duration: 32 min

We talk about:

·         Life growing up in rural and isolated Australian landscapes

·         Life as a jillaroo and female farmer

·         Raising children with special needs
          Living  in a rural landscape without running water, electricity and basic amenities

·         Anxiety 

·         Access to mental health services in rural Australia

·         Domestic Violence

·         The organisation DV Assist 

·         Courageous female characters in Fleur’s novels

·         Courage to be kind

Contact Fleur

Fleur’s novels:  Novels – Fleur McDonald
DV assist:  (Rural domestic violence assistance)

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Instagram: fleurmcdonald

Interview: Sana Turnock
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