Courage Unravelled

S4 E22 Our Three Brains

March 28, 2021 Sana Turnock with Christoffel Sneijders Season 4 Episode 22
Courage Unravelled
S4 E22 Our Three Brains
Show Notes

Meet Christoffel Sneijder, a Dutch man who immigrated to Australia some years ago and now calls Australia home. He’s on the author series as he wrote a book with a sexy title - How Men and Women Fit - finally understand your partner with the three brains theory.
I did say sexy didn’t I? 
We weave the subject matter of his book title with real life examples. You find out about Chris’s  mother and grandmother  being forced to live in an internment camp and his grandfather being used as labour to build the infamous Burma railway during WW2. We dive into intergenerational trauma, a relationship ending soon after migrating to a new country, resilience and the importance of loving yourself.

Come and join me. We can connect with our head, heart and gut brains together. 

Duration: 29 min

We talk about:

·         The concept of the three brains 

·         Christoffel’s book 

·         Intergenerational trauma

·         World War II

·         The connection between our three brains, relationships and trauma

·         Migrating to a new country

·         A relationship lost soon after moving to a new country

·         Depression 

·         Picking yourself

·         Loving yourself

·         Courage 

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Interview: Sana Turnock
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