Courage Unravelled

S4 Ep 24 A Running Miracle

April 11, 2021 Sana Turnock with Donna Campisi Season 4 Episode 24
Courage Unravelled
S4 Ep 24 A Running Miracle
Show Notes

Donna Campisi is a driven and passionate woman. What has made her that way? It would be fair to say, that having a stroke at the age of 7, being diagnosed with diabetes at 14 AND being told you were unlikely to talk or walk again, would have something to do with it. Donna could have accepted her circumstances and be living a very different life today. Instead, with determination and ongoing support from her parents, hospital staff, allied health professionals and others, Donna became known as the Miracle Girl. 

Find out how Donna defied the odds to walk and talk, run a 42km marathon and go on to become a writing coach, keynote speaker, podcaster and author of 4 inspirational books. 
Duration: 29min

We talk about:

·         Donna’s early life challenges
·        Determination
·         Giving things a go
·         The Baby Steps Method
·         Her books The Unlikely Marathoner and Change is not a Scary Word
·         How to train for a 42 km marathon as someone who couldn’t run before
·         Being courageous
·         Why marathon runner and ex-parliamentarian Pat Farmer is someone Donna
         finds courageous and simply amazing 

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Interview: Sana Turnock
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