Courage Unravelled

S5 Ep 26. Jane Smith - Indigenous Adoption in a Remote Landscape

July 25, 2021 Sana Turnock Season 5 Episode 26
Courage Unravelled
S5 Ep 26. Jane Smith - Indigenous Adoption in a Remote Landscape
Show Notes

Ever wondered what it would be like to foster a child in the middle of nowhere? Jane Smith (not her real name) lives on a station somewhere in Australia on 1 million acres of land. 

Jane was studying to be a doctor and during her training she did a few units on indigenous affairs and thought she had it all covered when she and her husband decided to adopt two indigenous children. 

Little did she realise she was going to go on a roller coaster ride that would involve intergenerational trauma and all the behaviours that came with it.

Jane wanted to share this story so that people would get a real insight into the joys and challenges of adoption. She shares her fears and being humbled by the personal and spiritual growth she has experienced since adopting two indigenous children. 

Jane also provides some insight into being a white woman who moves between a white world and indigenous culture because she wants her adopted children to never forget their indigenous heritage. 

I invite you to listen to Jane’s experience. 

A couple of things about the interview: 

·         No indigenous names are mentioned in this story.

·         If you find this story triggering at any point please stop listening and seek the advice of an appropriate health professional. 

Time: 35.10 min

We talk about

·         Living remotely

·         Station life

·         Social issues and isolated rural community living

·         Indigenous fostering and adoption

·         Intergenerational trauma

·         Indigenous spirituality

·         Effects of childhood trauma

·         Taking care of a traumatised child

·         Living in a blended culture

·         The outcome of killing a dog (by accident)

·         Courage

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Interview: Sana Turnock
Produced and edited by: Sana Turnock
Audio mastering: Woods Media Lab
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