Courage Unravelled

S5.Ep29 Steph Schmidt - It’s OK not to be OK

August 15, 2021 Sana Turnock Season 5 Episode 29
Courage Unravelled
S5.Ep29 Steph Schmidt - It’s OK not to be OK
Show Notes

Today we enter the world of psychologist Steph Schmidt and her experience with post-natal depression. Not just once but twice. Post-natal depression doesn’t discriminate, even when you’ve been trained with tools and strategies at your fingertips. Steph talks about her time and what has helped her move through the challenges that PND brings. 

We also talk about what it’s like to be a rural psychologist in isolated communities and be 2020 Agrifutures Rural Women’s Award winner during COVID19. 

Come and join us. 

Time: 38.23min

What we talk about:

·         What it’s like being a psychologist with post-natal depression

·         Therapy for the therapist

·         The benefits of being an award winner during COVID-19 when you are pregnant

·         Motherhood and post-natal depression

·         Isolation and loneliness

·         Mental health in rural and isolated communities

·         What it means to live rurally or remotely

·         Leaning into discomfort

·         Strategies for getting well and remaining well

·         Identifying achievements when someone has post-natal depression

·         Self care makes Steph a better wife and mum

·         Mental health challenges in rural settings caused by natural disasters

·         Rural resilience and rural resilience programs

·         The benefit of being flexible and adaptable 

·         Steph’s amazing grandmothers being her courageous influence

·         Fleeing from war, being a refugee, leaving it all behind

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 Interview: Sana Turnock
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