Courage Unravelled

S5. Ep.30 Tori Kopke – Stopping a Plane for Love

August 22, 2021 Sana Turnock Season 5 Episode 30
Courage Unravelled
S5. Ep.30 Tori Kopke – Stopping a Plane for Love
Show Notes

Have you ever made a quick decision that turns out to be monumentally life changing? Rural business coach Tori Kopke has. She’s made at least three. 

Find out how backpacker Texan Tori finds herself stuck in Margaret River with no money after having spent it doing numerous wine tours. Where to next? Travelling gives you the courage to do some crazy things. She chooses the wheatbelt town of Cunderdin to have her final Australian adventure before heading back to Texas.  

What happens next? You’re going to have to join us to find out!

 Time: 31.56min

What we talk about:

·         Texas

·         Leaving the life you know for love

·         Travelling backpacker style (not!) throughout the South West of Western Australia

·         The train to Cunderdin 

·         Stopping a plane from taking off -  for love

·         Going shooting as a first date

·         Rural living

·         Leaning into discomfort 

·         Family support, business support

·         Self-confidence, intuition, trust

·         Building a rural business network

·         The Big Ideas Rural

·         Building a business

·         Doing business in the city, doing business in the country

·         Collaboration – doing things rurally

·         Courage is necessary

·         Why Tori’s business coach is courageous

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Podcast: Big Ideas Rural

 Interview: Sana Turnock
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