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Bryan Collins from Become a Writer Today reveals how to start and build a profitable writer career. In interviews with New York Times best-selling authors and entrepreneurs, he reveals book marketing strategies, writing tips, self-publishing advice and more. He also unpicks the creative process behind top authors, writers and books.This popular writing podcast mixes up interviews and solo episodes packed full of practical advice for freelance writers, bloggers, indie authors and non-fiction writing. Living an hour outside Dublin in Ireland, Bryan worked for a few years as a technology journalist before work dried up during the recession. When that career didn't work out, Bryan found himself out of work. After trying a few careers that didn't work out, he became a copywriter and on the side studied literary non-fiction writing. In 2014, he started Become a Writer Today. He's also the author of several non-fiction books including The Art of Writing a Non-Fiction Book.Through his podcast on writing, you can learn about building authority, creativity, productivity and find reviews of the best writing apps software. Hit subscribe and start your career as a writer today. If you need help writing, visit and claim a free book of popular writing prompts. (Yes that's Bryan at the Tate Museum in London trying to get his creative mojo back in front of a Mark Rothko painting)

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