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Concorde Pilots

October 22, 2020 Atlantic Garden Media Episode 23
Lady Carnarvon's Official Podcast
Concorde Pilots
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This week's episode is named after the radio call sign of the British Airways supersonic airliner Concorde. It was 17 years ago this week that the last commercial Concorde flights landed at London's Heathrow airport. The supersonic passenger age had ended, and it's yet to restart. Lady Carnarvon lives in a place of extraordinary history so it seems apt that she should host not one but three former Concorde pilots to reflect on this incredible and historic aircraft. An aircraft far ahead of its time. It's a discussion that takes place in the Music Room at Highclere Castle. 

Find out more:  Steve Bohill-Smith features in Episode 5, and you can hear about the Red Arrows in Episode 13. 

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Flying Concorde for the first time
Droopy nose
Flying in and out of darkness
How Concorde came to be
Brian Trubshaw
Building Concorde
Red Arrows 'fly' Concorde
The end of Concorde
The fuel tank technology
Crossing the Atlantic in under 3 hours