Lady Carnarvon's Official Podcast

Ep.24 Rate of Climb

October 29, 2020 Atlantic Garden Media Episode 24
Lady Carnarvon's Official Podcast
Ep.24 Rate of Climb
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The son of a Battle of Britain Pilot, Air Commodore Rick Peacock-Edwards CBE, AFC would say he has always been involved in aviation. A pilot for the RAF for 35 years, he has gained over 7000 hours flying fighter aircrafts including the Lightning, Phantom and Tornado. His latest book, ‘Rate of Climb’ is an inspiring insight into his career with the RAF. Rick's fun-loving approach to life is evident throughout his book as well as his conversation with Lady Carnarvon in the Smoking Room at Highclere Castle. This podcast was recorded on the eve of the 'History at Highclere' event. 

For more wonderful stories, be sure to buy Rick's book:

Life in aviation
Pilots in the war
Band of Brothers
RAF career
Air cadets
Rick's father
Life after the RAF
Last of the few