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Sir Peter Michael

April 29, 2021 Atlantic Garden Media Episode 37
Lady Carnarvon's Official Podcast
Sir Peter Michael
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In this fascinating episode of Lady Carnarvon's Official Podcast her friend and neighbour Sir Peter Michael discusses his fascinating and varied career. 

Sir Peter tells the story of the business he is most proud of - the Peter Michael Winery in northern California, how he started the UK's first national commercial classical music radio station Classic FM, and how at the age of 83 he is still innovating to make the world a better place with the creation of a new covid-19 testing platform. 

Sir Peter was also the driving force behind a charitable foundation which took-over the nearby airbase at Greenham Common after the USAF vacated it at the end of the Cold War in 1992. The Greenham Common Trust has gone on to raise millions of pounds for charity groups in the area surrounding Highclere Castle. 

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