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A New Era: John Gundill

August 26, 2021 Atlantic Garden Media Episode 41
Lady Carnarvon's Official Podcast
A New Era: John Gundill
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I've just heard that that the new Downton Abbey movie will be released next year so to celebrate I thought I'd sit down with castle manager John Gundill. 

John has steered us through our long association with the Downton Abbey project and I thought it was a good opportunity to share our memories of what it was like to host the cast and production team in such challenging circumstances earlier this year. But of course that's not all we talked about.....

It's not the first time I've invited John as my guest on my podcast - you can hear him on episodes 14 and 20 as well! 

I hope you enjoy our chat and do make sure you press the subscribe button to ensure you receive future editions. 

Thank you.

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Managing the castle
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Surviving lockdown
The new Downton Abbey movie