The Soul Science Nutrition Podcast

An Empowering Approach To Body Weight In Midlife, Menopause and Beyond - With Erica Leon, MS, RDN

December 10, 2020 Christine Okezie
The Soul Science Nutrition Podcast
An Empowering Approach To Body Weight In Midlife, Menopause and Beyond - With Erica Leon, MS, RDN
Show Notes

#033  Fed up with diets and wellness hype? Christine Okezie is on a mission to guide you to approach your food, weight and body image challenges from a genuinely "whole-istic" perspective.  She's passionate about you having the right tools to understand the deeper soul truths in your health challenges so you can feel empowered in your body and in your life. 

Perimenopause and menopause can be a traumatic time for women. Some of us can start to feel betrayed by the body that we thought we knew so well after all these years or perhaps it’s just the perfect storm that fuels a life long struggle with body hate even more.  It’s normal and natural to feel frustrated and even a little angry.  But if we can remember to show ourselves – and our changing bodies – some compassion and kindness, we can feel calmer and have an easier and healthier transition during menopause.  

Navigating our changing bodies as we get into midlife is distressing but it’s made worse when we cling to intentional weight loss as the only answer.  To effectively address  our body’s needs during this turbulent time requires patience and a gentle approach.  It’s time to commit to self care practices that affirm our inherent value beyond the size and shape of our bodies.  

Erica Leon is a registered dietitian and eating disorder specialist and  the owner of Erica Leon Nutrition, a group nutrition practice in White Plains, NY.   Erica’s work is guided by the non-diet approach to health referred to as “Intuitive Eating.” and the  Health at Every Size ® approach to create a safe and nurturing environment for individuals to explore their attitudes about food, weight and body image.

In this honest and heartfelt conversation,  we discuss how  intuitive eating is an empowering  strategy for dealing with  menopausal and peri menopausal issues. We explore how the subtle and long lasting effects of diet culture are particularly damaging for those of us struggling with mid life health changes.

Erica Leon's Website:

Online Program:  Intuitive Eating Essentials For Mid Life and Menopause

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