The Marketing Guide

#75 - How to Create a Cohesive Instagram Feed

October 11, 2021 Laura O'Mahony Episode 75
The Marketing Guide
#75 - How to Create a Cohesive Instagram Feed
Show Notes

We all know that feeling of stumbling on an Instagram account that is visually stunning. It draws us in and before we know it we are clicking that follow button.

But how do you do this for a small business or brand and can you DIY it?

In this week's episode of The Marketing Guide Podcast, we discuss the ways that you can give your Instagram a theme makeover and we learn the following:

  • Colour Psychology and what it means for brands
  • How to pick your perfect colour palette
  • The different types of layouts and how to find inspiration
  • Fonts and how to find the right ones
  • How many fonts do you actually need?
  • The key to creating your content
  • How to visually plan
  • The one thing that is far more important that your visuals

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