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And Podcast For All - Metallica Podcast

Jeff Winslow & Shane Obershaw

Welcome to...And Podcast For All! We're excited you've clicked, and subscribed. Founded in 2020, ...APFA has been delivering the ultimate Metallica experience. We are here to bring you a podcast for ALL of you...the Metallica fan. New fan, diehard, casual fan, seen a hundred concerts fan, it doesn't matter. Hence the name...And Podcast For All wants you the listener to be a part of the show. Interviews done around the world with you is what makes this interactive podcast, a show. Co-Hosted by Jeff Winslow & Shane Obershaw from the United States. Jeff and Shane toured the globe in an internationally known tribute band, ONE...The Only Tribute to Metallica. Jeff and Shane have been friends, bandmates, tour bus bunk bros, and have shared a stage over 600 times in the past 14 years. They continue to debate St. Anger's snare sound, and have an obsession with the good old times as they watch Cliff 'Em All for the 417th time. Inspired by other kick ass Metallica podcasts who cover the band in great detail with reviews, timelines, and news....And Podcast For All wants the ideas and discussion from you the 5th member of the Metallica family. Hit the Lights and Seek and Destroy your favorite episode of And Podcast For All !