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C2C Organizational Development

A business podcast that is all about people - leaders, thinkers, strategists, and doers, Vinay Kumar of C2C-OD, an Organizational Development consulting firm, reveals actionable insights, smart strategies, brilliant tips and lesser-known best practices on business leadership and people management. That’s not all! Each episode has a theme and is packed with a mix bag of fun facts to make you think and laugh, inspirational quotes to give you that little nudge you need, (sometimes quirky) business news to catch up with trends, candid conversations with industry leaders PLUS curated recommendations on our RWL (Read Watch Listen) list. When he is not traveling, Vinay likes to travel more! Director (Client Engagement) of C2C-OD and the current Global Chair of International Association of Facilitators, Vinay has spent 10+ years enabling people and organizations become better at what they do.So, Shiny, Happy People, it’s time to step away from that screen, turn up the volume and hit play!

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