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On Point With Pastor Greg Locke

Greg Locke

Get ready for political and biblical supercharged truth — real, raw, and in your face! We're not going to back up, pack up, or shut up! The On Point Podcast Show is a news and opinion podcast that deals with faith, family, and politics.

Recent Episodes

SPIRITUAL WARFARE - FOR WE WRESTLE NOTJuly 02, 2021 Episode artwork BREAKING FREE OF BONDAGE.May 28, 2021 Episode artwork "WOKE CHRISTIANITY" WITH SPECIAL GUEST EVANGELIST JON GROVESApril 27, 2021 Episode artwork DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER April 08, 2021 Episode artwork THE RIDICULOUSNESS OF A BUCK-WILD CULTURE!March 26, 2021 Episode artwork The Perils of Social Conditioning and Sex Trafficking. Special Guest Tai Locke.February 10, 2021 Episode artwork HOW TO UNLEASH THE POWER OF GOD IN YOUR LIFE, WITH SPECIAL GUEST MALACHI O'BRIENDecember 29, 2020 Episode artwork The Controversy Of Abortion With Special Guest Abby Johnson.November 24, 2020 Episode artwork The Deep State with special guest George Papadopoulos November 19, 2020 Episode artwork Special Guest Kevin Sorbo Talks Faith, Family, and Politics with Pastor Greg Locke.November 12, 2020 Episode artwork ARE YOU WORRIED ABOUT THE ELECTION? WILL IT BE A RED WAVE OR A RED TSUNAMI?November 02, 2020 Episode artwork DANIELLE D'SOUZA & PASTOR GREG LOCKE TALK ROE V. WADE.October 20, 2020 Episode artwork The Great Debate, President Trump Gets Sick, and "This Means War" is a Number 1 Bestseller.October 08, 2020 Episode artwork Are We Living In The End Times? Special Guest Matt Cruz and Gilad Rosinger.September 28, 2020 Episode artwork Special Guest Dinesh D'Souza & Pastor Greg Locke Expose The Left's Lies and Tactics!September 02, 2020 Episode artwork CHURCH GETS VANDALIZED OVER ROGER STONE, MEANWHILE THE DEMOCRATS ARE TRYING TO ERASE AND REWRITE HISTORY.August 25, 2020 Episode artwork FACEBOOK WHISTLEBLOWER RYAN HARTWIG EXPOSES CONSERVATIVE CENSORSHIP: ROGER STONE, AND JOE BIDEN.August 13, 2020 Episode artwork THE HODGETWINS TALK POWERFUL TRUTHS!August 10, 2020 Episode artwork John MacArthur takes a stand, the Face Mask craze, and Pedowood's push to Normalize pedophilia!July 30, 2020 Episode artwork DIAMOND & SILK EXPOSE THE LEFT'S SINISTER AGENDA!July 14, 2020 Episode artwork Planned Parenthood, George Soros, BLM, & The Marxist Agenda to Destroy America! Special Guest Ken PetersJune 29, 2020 Episode artwork WHITE PRIVILEGE, ANTIFA's CHAZ, & THE PANDERING SHEPHERDS!June 17, 2020 Episode artwork DEMOCRATS WILL STOP AT NOTHING TO TRY AND STEAL THE ELECTION THIS YEAR!June 11, 2020 Episode artwork BLACK LIVES MATTER PLAZA, GEORGE SOROS, AND SLEEPING SHEPHERDS!June 06, 2020 Episode artwork The CDC, George Soros, Antifa terrorist group, Church, and the Tragic death of George Floyd.June 01, 2020 Episode artwork