A Therapist Takes Her Own Advice

Proposal Advice with Ash Fox

July 29, 2020 Rebekah Shackney Season 1 Episode 11
A Therapist Takes Her Own Advice
Proposal Advice with Ash Fox
Show Notes

On this episode engagement guru, Ash Fox, offers her unique perspective on getting engaged, she offers tips for creating the perfect proposal and discusses her own experience of Zoom dating in quarantine. David and I even tell our own engagement story.

Ash Fox is a marriage Proposal planner, advisor and photographer based in NYC. She has orchestrated and photographed over 1700 engagements for couples from all over the world. She has been featured in The Knot, The New York Times,  Business Insider, The Daily News, and The Huffington Post among others. Ash is also the host of the Proposal Podcast.



The Proposal Podcast

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