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Real Money, Real Experts is a personal finance podcast written and produced by AFCPE®. With an audience of financial professionals, we strive to educate and entertain with a combination of expert tips, engaging interviews, and real-life storytelling.

AFCPE® ensures the highest integrity of the financial counseling profession by certifying, connecting, and supporting diverse professionals. Our comprehensive programs, the AFC® (Accredited Financial Counselor®) and FFC® (Financial Fitness Coach), represent the gold standard of financial counseling and coaching certifications. And our membership community offers a place to share best practices, solve similar struggles, and access tools and resources that advance your career and enable you to better serve your clients.
Exploring the Differences Between Financial Therapy, Counseling, and Planning with Dr. Kristy Archuleta and Dr. Sonya LutterAugust 02, 2022 Episode artwork A Deep Dive Into Student Loans and the PSLF with Rita Green, Ed.D. AFC®July 19, 2022 Episode artwork Meeting People Where they Are with Dr. Kate Mielitz, AFC®July 01, 2022 Episode artwork Providing Real Value in your Business with The Budget Mom, Kumiko Love, AFC®June 21, 2022 Episode artwork Military Financial Readiness and the AFC® with Mike WoodJune 07, 2022 Episode artwork Key Takeaways from CFPB's Financial Coaching Initiative with Pam Fraser, AFC® and Sarah Bainton KahnMay 24, 2022 Episode artwork Serving Our Clients Intentionally: Listening & Staying Informed with Heath Carelock, AFC®May 10, 2022 Episode artwork Discovering Your Niche and Growing Your Private Practice with Maggie Klokkenga, CFP®, CPA®, and Rachael Bronstein, AFC®April 26, 2022 Episode artwork Empowering our Youth through Financial Literacy & Education with Laura Levine April 12, 2022 Episode artwork Financial Inclusion as an Avenue to Building Community with Janie Bright, AFC®March 29, 2022 Episode artwork Entrepreneurship, Financial Coaching, and all things Certification with Josh Escalante Troesh and Garrett Philbin, AFC®March 15, 2022 Episode artwork Military, Banks, and Nonprofits: Career Talk with Andia Dinesen, AFC®March 01, 2022 Episode artwork Beyond Academia: Community Impact with Karen Richel, Extension EducatorFebruary 15, 2022 Episode artwork Government Careers in Personal Finance: Going inside with Dr. Mary Bell CarlsonJanuary 26, 2022 Episode artwork Bridging Gaps with Financial Literacy & Youth Initiative Founder Marcy Reyes, AFC®January 14, 2022 Episode artwork Kicking off 2022: Ask Us AnythingJanuary 11, 2022 Episode artwork Year in Review: Looking back at some of our favorite episodesDecember 21, 2021 Episode artwork Poised for growth: What’s next for AFCPE in 2022?December 07, 2021 Episode artwork Getting to the heart of it: Understanding our clients’ values and money behaviors with Sarah Li-CainNovember 23, 2021 Episode artwork When I’m 65: Preparing to be a financial caregiver with AFC® Corey CarlisleNovember 09, 2021 Episode artwork Accessibility, the path to AFC, and RV living with Melissa MittelstaedtOctober 26, 2021 Episode artwork From the Vault: Jen Hemphill: Why Her Dinero MattersOctober 12, 2021 Episode artwork Under-banked and overlooked: Helping our vulnerable populations with Leigh PhillipsSeptember 24, 2021 Episode artwork Real Money, Real Experts Live! Student Loan Planning with Ryan Law, CFP®, AFC®September 22, 2021 Episode artwork Financial Therapy & Healing Money Scripts with Dr. Brad KlontzAugust 31, 2021 Episode artwork