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Awakening of the Soul

School of Samaya

The Perennial Truth is the truth that does not change. It gives you something to hold onto while you explore the ever-changing currents of life. Like the soul, The Perennial Truth comes form a realm that is beyond creation. It allows one to view life from a higher context, like a picture of the completed puzzles on the box of life. Each of us interprets life and its events according to our personal level of understanding. The questions we ask, causal patterns we discern, connections we make, and facts we assume leads us to infer and come to conclusions that are personal to us, and therefore subjective. The body of knowledge provided in this book describes the constituent parts and workings of known reality and our existence within it. You are the observer, the immortal, the unchanging witness. The Perennial Truth enables the awakening of your immortal being. This level of being cannot be observed or studied directly. You can only become it. Our higher purpose is in stepping beyond the obstacles and challenges that life throws at us not getting caught up in the attachment of desires. To understand this takes great courage and to awaken from our slumber takes acceptance. This Podcast show offers discourses and talks and the basics of the Maha Khala meditations by TLB Kruger with additional commentary and guidance by Reiki Master and Spiritual Coach Karen Kruger. For more on the book : | For more on our courses and wellness services : | For more on the Maha Khala Meditation :

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