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Escaping Debt & Thriving Beyond

David Moffatt

Everything about Debt, Finances, Budgeting, and Credit. Knowing how to deal with debt and your finances were tough enough 30-40 years ago - but today, with all of the mega-corporations fighting for your dollars, the banks looking to profit off you, and the financial services industry being designed to service the wealthy how does one get ahead? Look no further. While getting out of debt and improving your finances isn't a simple or easy task - it will be easier with someone by your side. Join David Moffatt as he discusses everything to do with debt, finances, budgeting and credit. David Moffatt has personally assisted in restructuring over 30 million dollars of consumer debt which has positively impacted the lives of thousands. He is also the author of Behaviour Before Math - A book on the fundamentals of personal finance. He is a debt consolidation and debt relief expert.

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