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Beating the Debt Game

Paul Murphy

Welcome to the Beating the Debt Game podcast. The stakes are high. The table is rigged to help the house win. And without an expert guide, the average Canadian will fall into the debt traps designed to makes the banks rich and keep Canadians poor. In this podcast, Paul Murphy reveals how the debt game works—and how the average Canadian can tip the scales back in their favour.From building a rock-solid household budget to navigating consumer proposals to negotiating with credit card companies, you’ll learn the essential information you need to improve your financial well-being. For a free copy of Paul's book, Beating the Debt Game, visit "Paul Murphy arms readers with his unique perspective of the consumer credit and debt industry." - Henrietta E. Ross, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Debtors AssociationAbout the host: Paul Murphy is a managing partner at 4 Pillars, the largest independent full-service debt restructuring firm in Canada. Before joining 4 Pillars, Paul had a 20-year career in the investment and banking industry, helping him offer a unique perspective to Canadians navigating complex financial crises.Paul is a member of the Canadian Debtors Association, an independent organization that advocates for financial literacy and increased options for Canadians facing financial trouble.