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Decameron 2020: Survival through Stories

Thinkery & Verse

Thinkery & Verse present "DECAMERON 2020: Survival through Stories," a reading and discussion of Bocaccio’s Decameron as it relates to contemporary pandemic experiences. To reawaken the full sense of Boccaccio’s framing device, our podcast will offer, for the first time in English, Boccaccio's Decameron recorded with eleven different actors (as opposed to a single reader). Guest artists include Karen Alvarado, Erin Bogert, Ashley Bufkin, Celine Dirkes, Diana Guizado, Bob Jones, JM Meyer, Brady Marchand (Sound Engineer), Abishek Nair, Regan Sims, Reagan Tankersly, and Ania Upstill. Podcast intro: Karen Alvarado. Editing and Sound Design by Brady Marchand. Copy editing by Bob Jones, Ania Upstill, Karen Alvarado, and J.M. Meyer. Project manager: Celine Dirkes. Graphic design: Hannah Lang.

Recent Episodes

18. What sparks political engagement? Boccaccio in 1358 and America in 2020. October 09, 2020 Episode artwork 17. Interview with the humanist Marianna Iannaccone on John Florio, Boccaccio's Early Modern translatorSeptember 25, 2020 Episode artwork 16. Imagining a more just post-pandemic world, Part 2August 31, 2020 Episode artwork 15. Imagining a more Just Post-Pandemic World through Black Lives Matter, Part 1August 29, 2020 Episode artwork 14. Discussion with Bob Jones, Ashley Bufkin, Erin Bogert, and Karen AlvaradoAugust 24, 2020 Episode artwork 13. Pampinea tells a story wherein we learn why honest love agrees with people of all ages. (Day 1, Story 10)August 22, 2020 Episode artwork 12. Eliza tells a story about an aggrieved woman who uses wit to put a foolish king in his place (Day 1, Story 9)August 22, 2020 Episode artwork 11. Lauretta plainly declares that a covetous man is not worthy of any honor or respect. (Day 1, Story 8)August 22, 2020 Episode artwork 10. Two monks, too many hens, a flood of soup, and four loaves of bread (Discussion of Day 1, Stories 4 through 7)August 08, 2020 Episode artwork 9. Philostratus tells the story of a troubadour whose wit aids his remuneration (Day 1, Story 7)August 08, 2020 Episode artwork 8. Emilia tells the story of a naive merchant who stumbles into the path of the inquisition (Day 1, Story 6)August 08, 2020 Episode artwork 7. Fiametta tells us that there were too many hens for the one-eyed king (Day 1, Story 5)August 07, 2020 Episode artwork 6. Monks behaving badly (Day 1, Story 4)August 07, 2020 Episode artwork 5. Discussion episode: faith in storytelling July 24, 2020 Episode artwork 4. Philomena tells the parable of the three rings (Day 1, Story 3)July 23, 2020 Episode artwork 3. Nephilia introduces us to an unusual perspective on faith (Day 1, Story 2)July 22, 2020 Episode artwork 2. Panfilo tells the story of a sinful man mistakenly venerated as a saint (Day 1, Story 1)July 21, 2020 Episode artwork 1. Giovanni Boccaccio's Introduction to 'The Decameron'July 20, 2020 Episode artwork