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Episode 51 What is “Real” Telephone Customer Service?
April 19, 2018 Michael Mason Trager
Today on the podcast we are discussing what “real” telephone customer support is. Many companies say, “You are a premium customer, we value your business so much, you are a VIP.” But when you have to deal with calling those companies, you often do not feel very much like a valued customer at all! Especially when you call in, and you have to go through endless phone trees and menus to finally reach a customer service representative. Nothing says, “I’m not very important,” like having to go through a bunch of menus to reach a person. Although it is the year 2018 and there are many other platforms for customer support out there; telephone support is still needed in certain situations, such as emergencies. In this episode, we take a look at the common issues experienced with telephonic customer support and a few of the companies out there who are streamlining this often very frustrating process. We take a look at the alternatives, like Twitter support, to telephone support and the advantages and disadvantages of these various platforms.

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