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Daniel & Katie broadcast weekly from Korea - sharing coming-of-age stories, lessons learned the hard way and fresh perspectives on what's happening now!

Recent Episodes

What-A-Week: Mysterious Hanyak, Cracking IBS, Katie's "Police" Call, 10K Milestone & Fan Letters! -017November 26, 2020 Episode artwork Less News: Why Suicide, Wedding Decision, Our Queen's Gambit, Seeing G-Dragon & Rating Our Looks! -016November 14, 2020 Episode artwork They Call Me "Ji": Struggles of Ethnic Names! - 015October 24, 2020 Episode artwork Hay Fever! Sniffing that Nasty, The Korean MIL & Gabie Kook Incident - 014October 14, 2020 Episode artwork Strange Stories: My Octopus Teacher, Better to be a Chicken Head, Katie's Mom Gets Phished! - 013September 24, 2020 Episode artwork Korean Sex Ed: The Missing Talk, Basic Instinct, Karaoke, Late-Night Room Salon - 012September 15, 2020 Episode artwork Memorizing Numbers, Frivolous Lawsuit, The Guilt Trap, LTV Ratio & The Lunar Calendar! - 011August 31, 2020 Episode artwork Soaking Marathon, Asian Sun Allergy, Almost Dying in Bali, Drink Less-Water Diet, Internet Explorer Rage! - 010August 14, 2020 Episode artwork Our 2 Cents: BBC's Fried Rice Fail, The Indian Matchmaker, Fortune Readings & Dog Meat in Korea - 009August 02, 2020 Episode artwork Road Trip to Yangyang: Glutinous Corn, Rogue SOS, Sadhguru & The Purpose of Life - 008July 21, 2020 Episode artwork Midnight Doctor: Lipoma Removals, The Yoga Incident & Our Plastic Surgery Tales - 007July 12, 2020 Episode artwork Daniel's Tales from Iran - Inshallah! | Korean Haircuts & Adoptee Questions - 006July 03, 2020 Episode artwork Loveline Is Open: Interracial Anxiety, The Botched Proposal, 5 Love Languages, Commander Type - 005June 24, 2020 Episode artwork Latchkey Kid: My Second Dad, Russian Boobies, Mamacita Incident & Birth Dreams - 004June 17, 2020 Episode artwork Good News Generator, The Big Scams, Gypsy Fingers in Sandwich, My Dad is a Cheetah - 003June 12, 2020 Episode artwork George Floyd: Injustice, Empathy & The Asian-American Response - 002June 01, 2020 Episode artwork Cursed Class of 2020? Failing 1st Interviews & Figuring Out Life - 001May 25, 2020 Episode artwork