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My Peace is Non Negotiable

Marlin Williams

Welcome to “my peace is non-negotiable.” This is the place for those of you who are sick and tired of merely existing, want to live a full life and are relentless about protecting your peace! Getting rid of those things that simply don’t serve you. No more excuses - I'm calling BS! Get ready for Unfiltered Candid Conversations and transparency as we take this journey together. I also share real life stories and lessons from building a million dollar technology business to losing everything. I won't lie and say, I'm glad it happened because it absolutely sucked! However, there were so many lessons learned from a personal, career, relationship and overall life perspective. Your journey to non-negotiable peace, starts now! Please subscribe and tell a friend. Marlin has been a featured speaker/media contributor for SXSW, TedX, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, LinkedIn, MSNBC, WDIV, and more. For speaking/media/coaching inquiries: [email protected] Follow Marlin on Instagram @marlingwilliams

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