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Reika partnered with long-term friend and now business partner, Simone Vescio, to introduce dermaviduals bespoke skincare in Australia and New Zealand. Starting from their dining room tables with just the two co-founders, they now have over 30 staff across Australia and New Zealand, have sold hundreds of thousands of moisturisers, are the staple brand in over 400 skincare clinics, with their friendship in tow. In a cluttered and competitive marketplace, we are all aware of how difficult it can be to navigate our way around the plethora of skincare and technology. At derma aesthetics, we never claim that our product is the latest, the greatest, or even the cheapest. What we will claim, however, is that the products we distribute are unique, proven, results-based, and cost-effective. We feel that in taking this honest approach to the marketing of our products, we more readily assist you to make sound and effective decisions when choosing skincare. After all, it’s not about the hype – we’re about results. One of derma aesthetics main tenets is the fundamental importance of education. Staff must be motivated to not only “be the best they can be”, but also be encouraged to remain informed about the never-ending changes and advances our industry.

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