RCP Medicine Podcast

Episode 44: Health Inequalities (Obesity)

March 02, 2021 Royal College of Physicians
RCP Medicine Podcast
Episode 44: Health Inequalities (Obesity)
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In this special episode for World Obesity Day, Dr Seun Anyiam and Professor John Wilding discuss all things obesity, including how to tackle the increasing prevalence of obesity in society and the increased risk of worse outcomes in COVID-19. They also tackle the important issue of obesity stigma, and how the existence of this among healthcare professionals can lead to inequality in the treatment of people living with obesity.

Dr Seun Anyiam is a regional representative of the RCP Trainees committee, working in, and studying a PHD in obesity medicine. 

Professor John Wilding is a Professor of Medicine at the University of Liverpool, a specialist in obesity, diabetes and endocrinology, and is the President of the World Obesity Federation.

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