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Heather's Detours

Heather Taylor

Heather Taylor is the creator of Heather’s Detours, a new and up and coming podcast about many topics ranging from family life, divorce, dating post-divorce, and general mother lifestyle tips. Heather Taylor was a single, divorced mother of 4, until she then re-married, adding her partner’s two children into their family also. With her experience of being a single mother, and then blending two families and making this work, Heather is the perfect host for producing tips and resources on lifestyle, divorce, and re-marriage. Offering real, practical advice and empowerment to other single mothers out there, Heather Taylor does not claim to be perfect or have all the answers. Instead, she sheds light on her own personal experiences, and what she has done to move forward. Heather notes that through her own experiences she has learned that ‘sometimes the most scenic roads in life are the detours you didn’t mean to take.’ With this enlighted philosophy, coupled with a Christian faith mentality, Heather can help empower you to take the next steps forward in life after any hardship, whether that is divorce or any kind of traumatic experience.