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E22.3: Kat James - The Truth About Beauty (3 of 3)
January 11, 2014 Dr. Dan Eichenbaum

Noted author of The Truth About Beauty and fashion consultant to the stars, Kat James, shares her past experience as a recovered food addict and how she transformed her body and skin beyond recognition after a 12-year eating disorder and autoimmune disease nearly took her life.

Adding a compelling dimension to Kat's rare perspective are her years in the world of fashion as one of the most sought-after and quoted beauty experts and celebrity makeup artists of the 90's. A former consultant to celebrities such as Martha Stewart, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson, as well as companies such as Maybelline, Max Factor and Revlon, Kat's aesthetic background, along with years of creating illusions of perfection on models as she struggled to conquer her own beauty demons, has deepened her grasp of the emotional, physical, and superficial constraints that must be shed in order to unlock the true radiant potential in each of us.

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